Coordination of French Research-Intensive Universities (CURIF)


The CURIF brings together the leading French universities in terms of research (18 members). CURIF’s member universities collectively enroll 724,000 students a year, including 205,000 at the master’s level. They judge 11,000 doctoral theses per year. They are home to 85% of the joint laboratories with INSERM* and 65% of joint labs with the CNRS**. These universities are all very active internationally and host almost all the French researchers that have been awarded ERC grants. Their activities in the promotion of research and technology transfer, they currently represent nearly half a billion euros in contracts with companies. The three most famous French universities in Europe, which are members of the LERU, and the top five French universities listed in the Shanghai rankings are in CURIF.


* INSERM: French National Health and Medical Research Institute

** CNRS: The French National Center of Scientific Research