Improve the research funding


An economic study ordered by the LERU (League of European Research Universities) in 2015 shows that intensive research universities make a significant contribution to the European economy. The results of this economic impact study to the 16 member universities of CURIF, as indicated in this report, demonstrates that at least €32 million and 330,000 jobs were generated by the activity of these universities in France.

In its position paper (read here) :

CURIF asks that graduate level teaching and research institutions receive funding based on an allocation system that takes in account the following “research” criteria:

  • Number of active research professors;
  • Number of researchers or research professors hosted from other institutions;
  • Number of BIATSS assigned to research and associated ITA;
  • Number of associated IUF and ERC;
  • Number of thesis projects supported each year;
  • Number of HDR supported each year;
  • Amount of space dedicated to research activities;
  • Amount of research funding: Europe, ANR, others;
  • Number of certificates and undergraduate degrees awarded per year.

CURIF strongly recommends that a “competitive university research” budget for competitive high-level research be designated under program 172 for intensive research universities as research operators. Obviously, this budget should not be generated by making cuts to chapter 150

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